Wednesday, November 4, 2009

{ 5 Signs He's About to Pop the Question }

It started months ago: He's constantly late. Money disappears from his bank account. He won't let you near his bachelor pad. Don't assume he's up to no good. A holiday proposal might be in your forecast! Almost half of all marriage proposals take place between Thanksgiving and Valentine's Day. Something about the glistening snow and twinkling lights puts guys in the buy a diamond.

Hold off on wedding gown shopping (pure torture), buying bridesmaid gifts, or venue scouting until you actually have a ring on your finger. On your left hand! But if he exhibits more than one classic proposal symptom, be prepared for him to pop the question. And soon-to-be brides, look back on your own proposals. From the months leading up to the big question, did you catch him red-handed in your jewelry box? Did he schmooze with the 'rents? Or did he give you any clues at all?

Jewelry Bandit
Guys don't go sifting through jewelry boxes for no reason. He wants your ring size. When your favorite ring goes missing, wait a little while before you paste "missing ring" posters all over town. Or before you call 9-1-1. But if the ring goes missing, the front door is open, and papers are scattered everywhere, you've been robbed.

Big Spender Turns into Scrooge
He wants to stay in on date night. He's living on Ramen noodles and ketchup. He stopped shopping at Nordstroms and started frequenting the local thrift store. Either he's in major financial trouble or he's saving for something a rock. Be on the lookout for a ring receipt. But don't act too disappointed when guys show up with a giant box and it turns out to be a giant TV.

He's More Nervous Than Normal
He paces back-and-forth like a caged animal. He can't sleep, he's distant and cold. When you walk into a room, everyone stops talking. If your level-headed lover turns into a neurotic mess of man, he's probably hiding something. But what? If he exhibits nervousness and other proposal signs, chances are, you'll receive a ring this holiday season. But if he appears nervous for no reason, he should see a therapist.

Schmoozing with the 'Rents
Without prompting from you, he schedules a boys-only golf trip with your intimidating Dad. He goes drinking with your brothers, buys your mom presents, and requests a spot in your annual family portrait. He hasn't missed a family event since last year's birthday party for Grandma. Classic, pre-proposal behavior. But if he makes a face at every holiday gathering, he might not be ready to call your family his in-laws.

Man Cave Gets a Makeover
All of a sudden, his most coveted items start disappearing. His framed picture of Mr. T vanishes. His gives his most prized possessions and "toys" to his little brother. He clears out the closet stuffed with sports memorabilia (perhaps to make room for your ever-growing shoe collection). If he gives his man cave a major makeover, he might be ready to propose. Or maybe he's finally growing up.


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